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Smart Urban Nature 4.0 (SUN 4.0) LLC was founded in 2019 to address demand in multidisciplinary expertise in monitoring, modelling and assessment urban ecosystem services. The mission of SUN 4.0 is to develop smart technologies (e.g., high-frequency monitoring, proximal sensing and Internet of Things) enabling a better understanding of urban nature in all its complexity. We believe that urban green space have a huge and still underestimated potential to provide important ecosystem services and support the quality of life is a city. Our projects include developing environmental monitoring networks based on IoT technologies to facilitate the most up-to-date information on tree health and soil quality. Up-scaling data on environmental components (e.g., soil, vegetation, air, relief) to support sustainable development projects is another direction of SUN 4.0 with the projects successfully implemented in different cities of Russia and abroad. We gain additional expertise and support from our international partner companies – R3GIS, Nature 4.0 as well as many universities and research institutions.

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Decision-support systems for sustainable development of urban green infrastructures

15/09/2021 - 14/10/2021
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