Internship Detail

Lab training: „Biogeochemical Cycles at the Interface of Urban-Rural Systems“

Germany, Georg-August University Goettingen

Number Of Positions (Max) - 2

Number of Free Positions - 2

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Required knowledges and skills

Participation in web-based training on biogeochemical cycles


The students will understand the fundamental concept of biogeochemical cycling, i.e. of pools, fluxes and transformations.
Students will learn how to characterise crucial functions of the soil in both urban and rural environments

Short course modules

Keynote lectures
Based on the prior knowledge of the WBT on biogeochemical cycles, the students will receive short intensive keynote lectures on the three element cycles (C, N, P).
„State-of-the-Art of Biogeochemical Research“
Students will attend a 30-min presentation (+ discussion) on a current topic of biogeochemical research
„Lab Methods at the Interface of Urban-Rural Systems”
Soil samples taken from a gradient ranging from the city centre to the rural environment will be analysed for soil nutrients and microbial functions (MBC, MBN, MBP) and linked to the CNP stoichiometry. Methological basics will be introduced (TOC-L, EA, photometry)

Internship activities

Lab work and lectures

Additional notes

The program includes an internship with one of our industrial partners. Students should visit the website or contact the UNIGOE team to identify opportunities and create a tailor-made application for the respective industry partner.