Internship Detail

Decision-support systems for sustainable development of urban green infrastructures

Russia, RUDN University

Number Of Positions (Max) - 2

Number of Free Positions - 2

Call Deadline Date


Initial Date


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Required knowledges and skills

Basic knowledge in GIS is mandatory, knowledge in landscape planning, ornamental dendrology and horticulture, management and maintenance of urban green infrastructure as well as sufficient English skills are highly appreciated


The internship is focused on mastering skills in developing GIS-based decision support systems in management and design of urban green infrastructure, their adaptation for the particular case studies and promotion via learning by doing

Short course modules

Introduction to urban ecology Monitoring, modelling and management of urban green infrastructures

Internship activities

The participants will be involved in development and adaption of GIS-based software for monitoring urban ecosystems services and decision support in maintenance of urban green spaces. The internship will involve: - collecting, processing and analysis spatial data on land cover, categories of green infrastructure, environmental and landscape parameters (microclimate, microrelief etc); - collecting and processing data on maintenance practices; - assessing the ecosystem services provided by green infrastructures and integrating the results to GIS-based software;

- adapting the monitoring outcomes for the cost-benefit analysis; - developing tutorials and manuals for different categories of stakeholders.

Additional notes

Due to COVID limitations, the internship is considered both in online or offline formats considering the limitations existing by the call announcement. Professional lecture and master classes (the 1st week) will be followed by practical work on one or several projects ongoing in the Smart Urban Nature center. Coordination will include daily instructions and up-dates on the tasks and progress. The final assignment will be based on the project presentation.