Internship Detail

Development of Urban Forestry and Forest Therapy in Fujian, China

China, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Number Of Positions (Max) - 20

Number of Free Positions - 20

Call Deadline Date


Initial Date


End Date




Required knowledges and skills

(1)Basic knowledge of landscape architecture
(2)Basic knowledge of ecology
(3)Basic knowledge of forest ecology
(4)Basic knowledge of phychological conseling. etc.


(1) To facilitate participants’ understanding on history and culture of Fujian, China
(2) To expand participants' professional knowledge in urban forestry development
(3) To make participants understand a new mode of Urban Forestry development-Forest Therapy
(4) To exhibit participants typical forestry enterprises in Fujian, China

Short course modules

Module 1: Academic Lectures and Short Courses
1. Title: Urbanization and Ecosystem Services
2. Title: Characteristic, Structure and Function of Urban Vegetation
3. Title: Introduction of Coastal Shelter Forest in Fujian Province
4. Title:Forest Therapy and urban forestry diversity
Module 2:Forest Therapist Training
1. Flower Arrangement Art and Practice
2. Forest Therapy and Sensory Integration Training
3. Forest recuperation practice
4. Five sense and natural experience
5. Forest psychological counseling, mindfulness meditation
6. Mindfulness breathing method, TCM physical therapy

Internship activities

Activity 1: Introduction of Fuzhou and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
1. Introduction to Fujian Province and FAFU (Videos)
2. Introduction of Fujian City Culture (Videos)
3. Campus Tour (Videos)
Activity 2:Forestry Enterprise Internship
1. Introduction of Fujian Furen Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Activity 3: Forest Healing training
1. Exercise therapy, Chinese medicine health preservation
2. Forest healing and testing

Additional notes

The internship activities involved in the knowledge of TCM health preservation are only basic theoretical aspects, mainly as an intern’s own experience and learning, and cannot be used to treat others or engage in medical activities.