Internship Detail

Urban Forest Management and Environmental Assessment

China, Nanjing Forestry University

Number Of Positions (Max) - 12

Number of Free Positions - 11

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Required knowledges and skills

Basic forestry, soil and environment knowledge. Interested in urban forestry andenvironment assessment.Good English listening, speaking and writing skills.


Through short-term course study, visits and practices of forestry and horticultural enterprises, nurseries, forest farms and production practice bases(can be online), students can understand the traditional culture, human history, urbanization development and forestry situation of China, understand the main types of urban forests in southern China, and learn the cultivation knowledge of major urban forest species, horticultural plants and flowers. Master the basic knowledge of ecology, urban soil and urban environment; understanding the development, achievements and challenges of urban forestry in Nanjing. The training program will facilitate academic and cultural exchanges among participants from cooperative countries, improve their knowledge and skills in urban forestry and environment, and enhance friendship between students from China and Europe.

Short course modules

- Overview of Chinese Culture and Forestry.
- Introduction to urban forestry (forest type, knowing trees and flowers etc.).
- Introduction to urban agriculture (Nursery cultivation and flower production etc.).
- Urban soil pollution and remediation practice in China.
- Urban environmental Assessment.

Internship activities

The participants will be involved the understanding of main urban forest types and tree species, collection of urban soil samples and determination of main pollutants; understanding the urban environmental quality assessment technology and method. Visiting typical forestry, gardening, nursery, flower and landscape enterprise in Nanjing of China.

Additional notes

The assessment will be based on the evaluation of the summary report and presentation.