Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

About University

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) grew out of the Agriculture Department of Concord College, founded in 1936, and the Provincial Agricultural Institute which was founded in 1940. FAFU is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, State Forestry Administration, and Fujian Provincial Government.

FAFU currently ranks second among the country’s provincial agricultural and forestry universities. FAFU now has over 2300 faculty and staff members. With over 320 hectares of land, FAFU now boasts 4 beautiful campuses in northern, central, and southern Fujian. It also owns some 79 hectares of general practice teaching bases and 3060 hectares of teaching forestry farms. With its comfortable environment and picturesque scenery, FAFU has been known as one of the “most beautiful universities in China”.

FAFU owns 75 provincial and national innovative platforms. The university also ranks first in Fujian in receiving national research funding and second in receiving provincial or ministerial grants. With this support, FAFU has been leading the country in researches in sugarcane, bee, fiber crops, bio-pesticide, and cedar wood. FAFU is the birthplace of international JUNCAO technology. Altogether some 672 research findings have received provincial or national scientific and technological awards, 28 of which are entitled to China’s top three research awards. With its national research center for rural development, FAFU assists 73 counties in Fujian and over 370 counties of 32 provinces/cities across China in their development. Its JUNCAO technology has been promoted in over 80 countries, and 85 percent of China’s sugarcane cultivation uses varieties developed by FAFU.

In recent years FAFU has stepped up its efforts in becoming an internationally recognized institution of higher education. It is entitled to the Chinese Government Scholarship Program and has established the world’s second Confucius Institute featuring agriculture in Durban, South Africa. The university has built friendships with over 50 research institutes in more than 20 countries and regions. FAFU, so far, has set up 160 national experimental or training programs to improve students innovative abilities.

FAFU, located in Fujian province, is the only agro-forestry comprehensive university in southern China and plays an irreplaceable role in the development of regional economic society.

About Department

Fujian has been in the forefront of China in the ecological civilization and urban sustainable development. FAFU made significant contribution on providing intellectual and technology support. The considerable practice in the ecological civilization and urban sustainable development makes FAFU have a solid foundation for the implementation of TAURUS.

FAFU widely cooperated with oversea universities in the field of Environmental Science, Urban Ecology and Urban Forestry etc, which has greatly improved the FAFUs ability on the international cooperation and program implementation.

FAFU can play an important role during the implementation of the project through providing practical base and teaching cases, training related personnel and integrating the existing international intellectual resources.


Development of Urban Forestry and Forest Therapy in Fujian, China

25/09/2021 - 05/10/2021
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