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About University

Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University (RT SAU) is the oldest and world-famous higher educational institution in Russia.
On December 3, 1865, by the Highest order of Emperor Alexander II, the Petrovskaya Agricultural and Forestry Academy was created. For more than a century and a half, within the walls of Timiryazevka, the Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University have trained over two hundred thousand highly qualified specialists both for domestic agriculture and for countries of near and far abroad; several thousand teachers for secondary agricultural educational institutions. More than 20 thousand candidate and doctoral dissertations have been successfully defended. The university trained tens of thousands of foreign citizens from Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Today the Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University is a leading educational, scientific, methodological and consulting center of the agricultural education system in Russia, which carries out innovative activities in order to promote:
• efficient production of high-quality, competitive agricultural products;
• creation of a favorable human environment;
• sustainable development of rural areas.
Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University is a unified educational, scientific and production complex that combines:
• 8 Institutes;
• 91 departments;
• Branch of the University in Kaluga;
• Institute of Continuing Education;
• Industrial agrarian business incubator;
• Postgraduate and doctoral studies;
• Central Scientific Library named after N.I. Zheleznova;
• Linguistic Education Center (part of the Institute of Continuing Education);
• Experimental bases in different climatic zones of Russia;
• The Center for Educational, Sports and Cultural Work, which includes the House of Culture and the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle;
• 10 museums;
• Campus;
• various centers, complexes, departments, laboratories, studios and other divisions.
The University employs 3,034 employees. The educational process at the RT SAU is organized by 1,225 scientific and pedagogical workers, including 872 people with academic degrees and titles, of which 225 are doctors of sciences and 175 professors. The research departments of the university employ 41 researchers, of which 32 people with academic degrees and titles, including 7 doctors of science.
The number of students studying at the university is 18 000 people, including 800 foreign students from 55 countries of the world; 310 graduate students and 6 doctoral students, 40 persons attached for the preparation of a Ph.D. thesis.
The University offers bachelor's, specialty, master's and postgraduate studies in full-time, part-time and part-time forms of study. University students study and master progressive waste-free, resource-saving and environmental technologies; economics, organization and management of production, accounting and finance in market conditions; fundamentals of foreign economic activity of enterprises, marketing and agribusiness with extensive use of economic and mathematical methods and computer technologies.
Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University heads educational and methodological associations of universities of the Russian Federation in agronomic, agroengineering education and education in the field of environmental management and water use.
The University staff makes a significant contribution to the development of agricultural science, fundamental and applied research in the field of agriculture and other branches of the agro-industrial complex. The demand for university science is confirmed by a large volume of research work - more than 300 million rubles a year. Every year, university employees receive more than 100 patents and certificates of intellectual property. In 2017, the university's scientific and pedagogical workers prepared 60 monographs, more than 160 textbooks, including more than 50 with the stamp of the UMO, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.
Annually on the basis of the University hosts more than 40 international, all-Russian scientific and scientific-practical conferences, symposia, seminars and competitions. The university has extensive foreign relations, the University implements more than 80 cooperation agreements with partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

About Department

Ecology Department was created in 1990 and now includes 28 professors and teachers, alongside 13 Ph.D. students, 39 Masters Students and182 Bachelors students working in field of ecology and agroecology. The department has the RF leading scientific school in agroecological monitoring. In 2011, a laboratory of agroecological monitoring, ecosystem modeling and prediction was developed (by RF Government grant), with a particular focus on land management and environmental impact assessment. Current research activity covers the representative native, agro- and urbo-ecosystems from taiga to steep zones, with different human impacts and land management. It also addresses the DSS on farming agroecological optimizing. The methodological basis has been developed in frame of 11 grants by the RF Ministries of Agriculture, of Education and Science and by the Russian Foundation of Basic Researches. During last 20 years Department of Ecology participated in more than 10 Tempus projects, including TEMPUS-JEP 10323-1997 "Upgrading Ecological Education in MTAA", TACIS 9702 "Strengthening Agricultural Reforms through Education", TEMPUS-SHMES 530397-2012“Strengthening the Lifelong Learning in Environmental Sciences in Russia - STREAM”. Since 2010 Department of Ecology organizes annual Moscow international summer environmental school (MOSES). In May 2015 the VII Congress of European Society for Soil Conservation has been organized on the RSAU-MTAA basis. In December 2016 – the World Soil Day in Russia.


Smart technologies in environmental and agroecological monitoring

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